Winter Design Trends to Keep You Warm

Every season has it's own trend, and there is no escaping it. Whether you follow them or not, it's good to remember that every one is predetermined by a wider trend influence. Regardless of the type of style, the colors or materials used, all trends are inspired by over-arching global influences.

Some styles become fads and lose meaning in different seasons, but there are some that remain popular for years and beyond. A great example is the Nordic trend. A style that has cemented itself and continues to inspire, evolve and withstand the test of time.

New Nordic

This trend can create a big impact. It's the right choice for creating effortlessly stylish décor. New Nordic is a modern update from the Scandi look that has been ever so popular. To give this look depth and create an inviting space in which to hibernate from the winter darkness, layer up different textures. What's new in this look for the season is the influence of globally inspired colors and patterns.

The Scandinavian way of life has influenced this trend through the gentle muted color palette of furniture and accessories, lending it a softer edge to dark winter months. Light woods and soft tonal textures are made to stand out with the popularity of dark pigment paints used. The main colors in this look are canvas white, blush pink, sage, and lavender. And the key materials are Ash/bleached wood, Earthenware and Buff leather.

Global Nomad

The Global Nomad is another style you might consider this winter. This trend celebrates globally- inspired patterns, while taking your home on a journey of global eclecticism. The Global Nomad fuses intricate Indian block prints, Paisleys, and decorative Ikats to give a culturally inspired look. The style also features rugged textures and rich tones to give you an authentic, handcrafted style characteristic of the nomadic trend.

With this look, consider using hand-thrown pottery and hand-dyed textiles in rich earthy pigments. Also, add macrame detailing, pom poms, and tassels detailing on everything from wall art to cushions.

The celebrated colors in this trend include spiced red, umber and ochre, and the main materials include rope, woven textiles, and Earthenware.

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