Drapery Design Styles You'll Love

Window drapery is used for more than keeping the sun out or providing privacy. They help homeowners express their personal style. With all the choices available in types of draperies and accessories, it's simple to change up the look of a room and upgrade with trends. Here are some ideas to use in your home.

Pattern and Texture

Choose patterns and textures to accentuate furniture and walls. Draperies don't have to be limited to solid colors, especially if furniture and decor is already a solid color. Reversible drapes are custom made drapes with differing panels visible on the inside and outside of the window. This may be an option if you choose to change up the style with seasons or trends. Blinds can be used to obscure the inside pattern from showing on the outside of the home.

Curtains Can Design A Space

Use curtains to define an area in your home such as a reading nook or dining table in the kitchen. Some homes have four season rooms or spaces next to the kitchen. Using draperies to define this area helps to designate the area and distinguish it from other spaces.

Add A Decorative Cornice

Also known as a pelmet, cornices are mounted across the top of the curtain and affixed directly to the wall or window frame. This hides the top of the curtains and can create a more polished look. Valances are popular with more traditional styles and are made of the same fabric as the panels. They sometimes have tassels and create a finished and elegant style. This type is especially popular in the bedroom.

Hanging Curtains

Where you hang curtains can be a style all of it's own. For a more casual look, hang the curtains in the middle of the window. A gauzy fabric works well for this for effortless style. Letting the fabric puddle on the floor is a beautiful way to add a luxurious feel to the room. The rods and clips you use to hang the curtains make an impact as well. Hooks that are hidden can be used with heavier drapes. Grommet topped curtains include a ring in the top of the fabric used to hang them on a pole. This is a trendy style that works well with eclectic or modern designs. Clips can easily turn any fabric you'd like into a window dressing.

Cafe Curtains

These are shorter curtains often used in small kitchen windows. They are useful for windowed doors or for covering half of a window to provide privacy, while allowing light to stream in as well.

Thinking outside the box is a great way to design the room of your dreams. Think of window dressings as the icing on your room's style. Using place mats as cafe type curtains secured with clips is a fun way to make use of an old item. Lace would easily provide a vintage feel to the room by attaching doilies to a sheer fabric. Your imagination is your guide when creating a look that expresses your personal style.

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