How To Guarantee Your Kids Safety Around Window Shades

It is imperative to prioritize children's safety when shopping for suitable window coverings. The sure-fire way of limiting risk exposure to young ones is to adopt cordless window shades.

An estimated 500 infants have either died or suffered serious injury, in the past decade, as a result of strangling in the cords of shades and curtains. In a bid to address this concern, many industries are adopting measures to make their products child-friendly.

Re-calling substandard shades

Numerous firms have already recalled millions of window coverings which do not meet the standards set by safety authorities. Entities that fail to comply face the risk of having their license revoked in addition to a hefty fine.

In San Carlos, an emerging trend in the window coverings industry has seen the introduction of retrofit kits to make corded shades safer for children. The bad news is that products that date back to a decade ago are still on sale today.

Use hooks and clips

A good way of Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Window Coverings is to replace all the blinds in your house that feature inner cords. If replacing each blind proves to be a tall order, then retrofitting is the way to go. This process is relatively straightforward but efficient. You can start by getting rid of the strings and use hooks instead to hold your window coverings in place.

Retrofit kits

The above provision is given free of charge to customers by firms in the industry. It entails hooking loops in cords or installing a tension device that keeps the cable as tight as possible. Though tightening reduces the risk of children strangling over a loose sagging cord, it is not 100 percent safe.

Safety regulations

The consumer product safety commission has been working hand in hand with the US government to develop guidelines that dictate how to produce safer window shades. The idea is to revise existing safety standards to keep them in line with emerging trends. The principal focus lies in limiting exposure of cord loops, rather than pushing for cordless options.

Cordless options

The good news is that many renowned manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas, Bali and Levolor have taken the initiative to produce cordless curtains. Especially, Hunter Douglas, who's PowerView® Motorization system has taken this initiative. This move has seen the introduction of batons rather than strings to shift the orientation of window shades. You can also opt to go with the flexible spring load curtain that moves up and down when under pressure. Cordless options are a bit costly but can save your kid's life.


Piazza design recommends that shoppers inspect all shades they intend to buy by checking for any modifications present in the curtain. Finally, remember that even the safest product cannot guarantee maximum safety, always keep a watchful eye on your kids at all times.

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