Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Window treatments are great for adding both function and aesthetic appeal. With window treatments, the space is provided with privacy, light management and they are designed to help with energy savings. Your home in San Carlos will definitely benefit from the added energy savings. Additionally, they infuse the space with style, beauty and welcoming warmth. Below are essential things to consider before choosing the right window treatments for your home:


If you are looking for window treatments for your entire house and not just a single window, you can think about scaling back on certain windows and splurging on others. The price of window treatments is largely determined by their size and the material used. Therefore, larger treatments will clearly cost more. Specialty fabrics, custom sizes, features and patterns also add to the cost.

Privacy and Light

Determine whether you want the space to be airy and bright or you prefer a cozier room with less light coming in. For example, you can use Roman blinds with a blackout lining in the bedroom to make the space more sleep friendly. In the kitchen, translucent or woven roller shades can be used to allow natural light to come in. These factors will largely influence the fabrics and styles you ultimately choose.

Design Preference

Your design preference will also influence your choice in window treatments. You will need to determine if you want a casual, formal, chic or comfortable vibe. Subtle shades are remarkable for a space decorated in earthy, neutral colors. Bold hues can add fun or drama.


Determine the level of effort you can realistically put into cleaning your window treatments. You can clean standard blinds at home; however, they are dust magnets and frequent attention is required. Textured and woven shades are better at hiding soil and are best cared for professionally or with a vacuum.

Choosing the right window treatments with Piazza Designs in San Carlos, will make your home warmer and more welcoming. Contact us for a consultation and help to design your perfect windows.

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