5 Ways to Make Guests More Comfortable When Visiting Your Home

Having a guest stay at your home is equal parts daunting and exciting. You want to be sure that your guests will be happy, but you also want to be sure that your home is ready. Take the stress out of preparing for guest stays by tackling the basics first.

1. Shine a light on the unfamiliar by keeping a lamp and nightstand by the bed

It can be hard to sleep when you are away from home. When guests awaken in the middle of the night, they may have trouble navigating in the dark. Set up a lamp on the bed stand in your guest room and place a night light by the guest bathroom to help illuminate the pathway.

2. Make their home away from home more comforting with plenty of pillows and additional bedding

Hotels, cabins and B&B's know that nothing makes a guest feel more pampered than pillows galore and extra bedding to make sleeping areas feel and look super cozy. Layer comforters with quilts for added warmth that can be taken away by your guest to suit their specific needs.

3. Provide extra toiletries

Guests may feel a little awkward asking for items like toilet paper or other bathroom essentials. Ensure that there is plenty of everything that your guest may need to feel clean and at home tucked away neatly inside your bathroom cabinets. You may also wish to put new bathroom items into a pretty basket with a welcome note. Think inexpensive but luxurious items like vanilla soap, a new book and bubble bath for an unwinding soak.

4. Make towels and washcloths easy to find

When towels and washcloths are not readily available, guests may feel bothersome asking where to find them. Leaving fluffy, clean towels and washcloths by the bathtub can take the angst out of visits and make the stay at your place just as relaxing as you hoped it would be. Be sure to leave a hamper by the door so that guests do not need to guess where items go.

5. Be a considerate chef, food shopper extraordinaire

Ask your guests ahead of time what their favorite foods and drinks are. Be sure to snag some of these items at the grocery store before their visit. Try to also plan meals around items that your guests enjoy. Stock the pantry with basics too just in case you miss the mark, making sure to let your guests know that it will not hurt your feelings at all if they would rather have a sandwich.

Preparing for a guest's visit does not have to be stressful. Divide tasks among family members and make it a team effort to help our guests feel appreciated and relaxed during their stay at your home sweet home.

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