5 Holiday Gifts for Clients That They Will Actually Love

1) Don't put your name or company logo on a mug; instead, put their name on so they will actually use it, and remember who gave it to them, rather than banish it to the back of the cupboard. Remember that a man's name is the sweetest and most important sound!

2) It's easy to find and order those dull and rather unexciting gift baskets containing crackers and cheese, that nobody really wants to eat. Instead, consider sending some wine or a hamper of food from your hometown, which will be much more appreciated and may mean the difference between keeping or not keeping the business.

3) In these days of electronically produced documents, a handwritten note can mean just as much as an expensive gift, perhaps more. It's a reminder that not all gifts need to be expensive.

4) Many lives have been changed by reading a book, and if you or your recipient enjoys reading, give them the gift of reading. Enclose a note explaining why you like the book so much or what it means to you, whether it's a novel, self help book, or a book on business. An audio book may be appreciated by someone who has a long journey to and from work each day.

5) Consider donating some money to a charity, perhaps one that your recipient or the company they work for, or have a connection with.

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