3 Ways to Accommodate Overnight Guests for the Holidays

"Stop by and visit during the holidays. You're always welcome here!"

Did you actually speak these words? You must have, because now, you're trying your hardest to find a comfortable sleeping space for all your holiday guests.

If you haven't had overnight guests in your home for quite some time, the following are 3 ways to accommodate guest in your home that will make them feel entirely welcome and incredibly comfortable. You can use these tips as a guide even if your home lacks a formal guest bedroom.


Although this is one of the most obvious elements of a complete sleeping area, a lot of people overlook it. Take one night to sleep on your guest bed in order to make sure that it's actually comfortable, rather than simply perching on the edge of the bed or pushing the mattress down with your hands. You'll only be able to identify a sagging middle, a wayward spring or a tendency to cause back pain by actually sleeping on the mattress.

If you don't enjoy sleeping on this mattress, your guest probably won't enjoy sleeping on it either. Keep in mind that your house guests could become crabby house guests if they aren't able to sleep well and the holidays can certainly be stressful enough on their own.


While taking stock of the comfort and quality of the guest mattress, take a minute to inspect the blankets. Do they feel itchy? Are they warm and soft enough? Given that everyone has their own internal thermostat, it is best to use a light blanket to make the bed and to keep a few throws or spare blankets handy near by.

Bed Pillows

Bed pillows are both personal and incredibly diverse. There are some people who prefer firm pillows and others who like to have their heads sink down into clouds of feathers. To accommodate everyone, try having both types of pillows on the bed. You've probably noticed that many hotels are doing this as well. Just be sure to use pillows that are both supportive and lump-free.

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