People Who Love the Color Gray

According to experts who study the psychology of color, people whose favorite color is gray tend to be non-committal since the color represents a compromise halfway between black and white. At the same time, lovers of the color grey are calm and composed, strong and solid. They keep a cool head when all about them are losing theirs.

Grey enthusiasts bring a quiet and subdued reserve, so while they themselves to do not excite, they can exude a practicality and certain elegance.

They safely take to the background and are not the center of attention. They rarely hold a position of dominance and so rarely are the director or leader.

Passion is not a major motivator for grey lovers. Though they can be said to be emotionless and indecisive, they often can act as the base upon which more positive emotions and excitement can be built.

This is because grey is the color of maturity and conformity. It is controlled, so it can have a distinct effect on the appearance of colors it is put up against.

The color grey can tone down brighter and stronger colors, while bringing an almost vibrating illumination to softer and more subdued colors.

Grey almost is never at a perfect pitch in combining white and black equally. It typically contains hints of other colors, such as yellow, pink, blue, mauve, or green. This gives it a new warmth and energy and makes it the perfect accompaniment to colors containing the same hue.

Even for those to whom it is a preferred color, too much of the color grey can bring on feelings of loneliness, sadness, and depression.

So grey is one color that almost requires being paired with other colors, creating a combination that can improve the presentation of both, and demonstrating that grey personalities, under the right conditions, still can stand out even if they would prefer to play it safe.

Below is some grey inspiration, paired nicely with at least one other color. Share your Grey with us at #PiazzaDesigns.

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