What the Color Green Says About You

There are literally a gazillion shades and hues in this big world of ours. It’s such a great color – it can be vibrant, soft, soothing, bold, funky – you name it, green has it. Here is just a fun piece and what it might mean for those who resonate with different greens.

It’s a color that depicts growth, life and nature. It stands for brilliance and concordance. What does that mean??

If you are the green type, it is likely that you have yellow and blue characteristics, which are optimism and gentleness respectively. Many people easily want to befriend you because of the aura of excellence you radiate as well as the hope and brightness they see in you.

Another characteristic you may possess is the ability to adapt to different situations with ease. While some people are either extremely good and bad in certain qualities, you are the type that have different skills in equal measure and this makes you gentle.

You can be a good friend and business partner because you possess the characteristics of loyalty and fidelity. You are the type that doesn’t want trouble with anyone so you would rather have a truce than lose a friendship.

You are also the kind that want to be sure about the outcome of an event before venturing into it.

You love taking care of people and will often go out of your way to help others. You are happy when people reciprocate the love you have for them and you expect praises when you do something nice.

You have an integrity that you always strive to protect.

A well behaved individual you are. Expressing yourself effectively and kindly is one of your strongest qualities.

Being patient especially with those who don’t know you well may come across as shy but those who know you understand. You are brilliant and you love the practical approach to learning.

So which are you? Find some inspiration below and share with us at #PiazzaDesigns.


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