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Now Horizons Window Fashions brings the high fashion weaves of Horizons Natural Shades to your big windows and sliding glass doors! Combining Averté Natural Fold and Horizons Roman Shades in the same room gives perfect coordination!

Why do we love Horizons Window Fashions? Aside from the many unique and classic styles they offer, this is a great company to work with. Our clients have been pleased with the options, quality and overall experience.


When you need to go beyond “custom” B&W has the solution!

When you want something totally unique, outside our stated guidelines, they offer DESIGN MODIFICATIONS. For example, if you need to push beyond the standard size limits, add an extra jabot to a top treatment ... whatever you need ... whatever you can imagine ... just ask! If there is any reasonable way they can fulfill your wish, the answer will be “YES!”


People. That’s what you see from start to finish when you visit our workroom. What you won’t see is a lot of heavy machinery or automation. Our workrooms are filled with people hand-crafting each and every Horizons Natural Shade from start to finish, offering the highest attention to quality, detail and unmatched beauty.


Our Horizons Natural Shade patterns are crafted from renewable resources like bamboo, sustainable wood, grasses and reeds. In fact, bamboo is possibly the most renewable resource in the world. Some varieties can grow up to an incredible 4-1/2 feet a day. When it is cut, bamboo begins a new cycle of growth immediately, without any need for re-planting.


At Horizons we are committed to reduce, reuse and recycling. Last year we recycled 35.59 tons of cardboard, aluminum, steel and paper. Our use of fan fold cardboard provides exact size packaging, which reduces the waste generated from standard sized or telescoping boxes. In fact, we use 100% recyclable packaging for our natural shades.

With our Shade Recycling Center™ every returned or unusable window fashion is meticulously disassembled and recycled. We will gladly accept your returned shades for recycling.

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